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Can I install the plug-in on multiple computers?

Yes, you can install any plug-in on as many computer as you want, but the number of computers running concurrently is equal to the number of licenses purchased.
For example, if you purchase one license, then only one computer can use the plug-in. To use the plug-in on other computer, just click the Transfer button on the License Manger of the licensed computer, then click the Activate button, on the License Manager, of the computer you want to operate. Note: There is no need to close Illustrator after clicking the Transfer button. Transfer operation requires that your computer be connected to the internet, since the license is transferred to our secure server. 

If I want to activate multiple computers at the same time, what do I do?

In order for multiple computers to use our software concurrently, you need to purchase multiple licenses. You can do this by adding to the shopping cart, the same product, multiple times before checkout. After purchased, we will send you an email with a product key that can be used to activate multiple computers. Discount is available for purchases of licenses greater than 2.

How to install ImagePaint?

1. Install Adobe Illustrator if not already installed. Adobe Illustrator must be closed before installing ImagePaint.
2. Using Windows Explorer, locate ImagePaint.exe in the download folder.
3. Right click ImagePaint.exe and choose "Run as administrator" to install ImagePaint. 

After the installation is completed, all features available in ImagePaint will be installed and functional. But, depending on your purchased product key, supports for Lasers and/or G-Code enabled CNCs may not be fully enabled. If you don't have a product key yet, supports for both laser and G-Code enabled CNCs will be fully enabled and never expires, but they only work with the design files (.ai files) included in this folder: C:Program FilesAmazon CanvasImagePaintSamples

How do I get started after ImagePaint has been installed?

1. Open Adobe Illustrator
2. Open the tutorial design file with <Window><ImagePaint Design><ImagePaint Tutorial><Open Tutorial Design File>.
3. The same tutorial is available as a PDF document with images and illustrations. To open the tutorial select <Window><ImagePaint Design><ImagePaint Tutorial><Open Tutorial PDF>.
4. Alternately, to open the Tutorial in a Web browser, select menu item <Window><ImagePaint Design><ImagePaint Tutorial><Open Tutorial in Web Browser>. 
5. If you have an ImagePaint product key, select Illustrator menu item <Window><ImagePaint Design><Open License Manager>, enter the product key and click the "Activate" button.

Does ImagePaint support Mac OS?

No, but you can install Parallels Desktop hypervisor for Mac (https://www.parallels.com/) and then install Windows in it.
ImagePaint will run under Windows in Parallels without performance degradation.