Increase production and quality with both CNC router and laser supports.

To create the highest quality material inlay and marquetry artworks, you would need ImagePaint CNCs Pro. It contains ImagePaint Laser Pro to work with a laser and ImagePaint GCode Pro to work with a CNC router. By using both CNC router and laser, the best features of both technologies can be combined to produce the best wood arts possible.
For the Shaper Origin CNC only edition, ImagePaint Origin Pro is a game changer.

The same video clips describing both editions are repeated below:

Introduction - CNC

Creating Image Library - CNC

Rounding Sharp Corners - CNC

Painting Shapes with Images - CNC

Adding Texts - CNC

Creating Profile Toolpaths - CNC

Creating Pocket Toolpaths - CNC

Creating G-Code Files - CNC

Cutting the Veneers - CNC

Gluing and Finishing the Artwork - CNC

Introduction - Laser

Rounding Sharp Corners - Laser

Painting Shapes with Images - Laser

Creating Profile Toolpaths - Laser

Creating Pocket Toolpaths - Laser

Printing to Laser - Laser

Updating Used Images - Laser

Cutting and Assembling - Laser

Summary - Laser

ImagePaint CNCs Pro 9.5

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Pro Standard $399.00
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Upgrades and Add-ons Price
CNCs Pro Upgrade $75.00
Version 9.5 Upgrade $35.00
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ImagePaint Complete 9.5 Download

This download contains all features to support both Laser and CNC Router. If a valid license key is applied, it will become a fully featured software, otherwise it will stay a trial version indefinitely and only work with sample designs included in the download.

IMPORTANT: Your purchased product key prior to version 7 will not work with the latest version 9.5. You need to upgrade to version 9.5 to obtain a new product key. Version 9.5 now supports V-Carving, V-Prism, Custom Molding, Double-sided CNC Carving and Z-Profile.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or 11, Adobe Illustrator CC2020 or Later

Free Quick Start Kit for Laser

The Quick Start Kit Folder contains instructions and four 8.5x11 inch wood veneer prints on thick glossy paper. You can use these wood veneer prints and a laser to design, cut and assemble a sample artwork called Tropical Fishes included in the software download.

ImagePaint User Forum

This Facebook group was created for CNC Router and Laser users, who are using or are interested in ImagePaint, to share ideas, post questions, report bugs, request new features and anything related to ImagePaint and the art of Marquetry and Inlay. Join Now.