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Are your customers getting tired of laser engraving?

For craftsmen making decorative products using techniques such as marquetry and material inlay, ImagePaint Laser Pro contains all the features necessary to help users take a vector artwork, applied with JPEG images of the materials and convert them to toolpaths ready to be sent to a laser for cutting.
If you don't have a laser, ImagePaint GCode Pro supports cutting with a CNC router.
If you want to use both CNC router and laser, ImagePaint CNCs Pro is the right one to own.

For Shaper Origin CNC only edition, ImagePaint Origin Pro is a game changer.

The videos below are simple steps to quickly create your first unique artwork with a laser:


Creating Image Library

Rounding Sharp Corners

Painting Shapes with Images

Creating Profile Toolpaths

Creating Pocket Toolpaths

Printing to Laser

Updating Used Images

Cutting and Assembling


Painting with Light

The book looks at marquetry's rich history over the millennia, and explores the amazing work of contemporary artisans doing marquetry around the world. Their innovative work will provide inspiration for your own projects, and using a laser instead of a saw makes marquetry more accessible to the modern maker.