Advanced Laser Marquetry and Inlay are now available for CorelDraw.

ImagePaint Standard for CorelDraw supports all editions of CorelDraw 2019 through 2023.

- Database Manager: Manage material databases in a multi-user networking environment.

- Simulation: Apply JPEG material images to vector shapes before cutting.

- GRBL Interface: Connect to affordable diode lasers via USB or Wi-Fi.

- Material Reuse: Update material images to contain cutout areas for reuse.

- Laser Kerfs Compensation: Compensate for Laser Kerfs to achieve a perfect fit.

- LightBurn Cut Library: Export a .clb Cut Library for use in LightBurn.

ImagePaint User Forum

This Facebook group was created for CNC Router and Laser users, who are using or are interested in ImagePaint, to share ideas, post questions, report bugs, request new features and anything related to ImagePaint and the art of Marquetry and Inlay. Join Now.