Are your customers getting tired of laser engraving?

For craftsmen making decorative products using techniques such as marquetry and material inlay, ImagePaint Production Pro contains all the features necessary to help users take a vector artwork, applied with JPEG images of the materials and convert them to toolpaths ready to be sent to a laser for cutting.

Automatic Toolpath Generator

The toolpaths are generated using advanced algorithm to assure each and every cut will fit together perfectly to produce the highest quality product, in the shortest amount of time. As a result, users can see and make changes to the design before it is built, effectively; allowing designers to take full advantage of the colors and textures in the material during the creative design stage, and for the first time, to visualize the finished product before materials are cut.

Summary of Features

Laser Settings

Image Swatch Palette

This palette is similar to Illustrator's color palette, but it contains image swatch instead of regular color. To paint shapes with an image, select the shapes and click on an image swatch in the Image Swatch Palette.

Managing Custom Image Swatch Libraries

The selected Image Swatches in the Image Palette can be named and saved as a library to a folder. Once saved, this library can be opened to fill the Image Palette with the saved Image Swatches.

Image Picker Tool

This tool is similar to Illustrator's Eyedropper Tool but work with images instead of regular color. To paint shapes with an image filled in another shape, select the shapes and click on a painted shape.

Quick Path Rotation Presets

This feature allows quick image rotation within painted shapes. The preset angles of rotation are +/- 45 degrees and +/- 180 degrees.

Advanced Art Object Arranging/Reordering Functions

These functions expand Illustrator's basic art object arranging/reordering functions (bring to front, bring to back etc.) to save time when arranging or reordering art objects.

Advanced Clip/Unclip Functions

"Clip" means paint shape with image and "Unclip" means remove image from shape. These functions expand Illustrator's basic clip/unclip functions to simplify the task of painting shapes with images or removing images from shapes.

Design Verification

Before taking the design to production, the Verification Palette detects and displays potential design errors that can cause costly mistakes during the production phase.

Automatic Toolpath Generator

The Toolpath Generator takes a finished digital design and automatically converts all shapes in the design to toolpaths. With a single mouse click, all shapes on a selected sheet of material are duplicated and converted to toolpaths.

The Material Database

ImagePaint comes with a Material Database that contains as huge selection of materials, organized into different categories. Each material has its own laser Power, Speed and Frequency settings to achieve a perfect laser cut while minimizing burnt marks produced by laser heat.

Laser Settings

Laser Panel

Laser Power/Speed Management

To achieve a perfect cut with a laser, each sheet of material, from the same family, requires different laser power and speed settings. These settings can be saved and recalled using the "Laser" palette.

Laser Kerfs Compensation (Cutter Path Offsets)

To achieve a perfect fit, the width of laser cut or kerf needs to be compensated when ImagePaint generates the toolpaths. This width is user configurable via the "Laser" palette. This feature enables the support of different laser models and from different laser manufactures. Note: This setting can be used for any laser and any hand or power tools.

Configurable Size of Laser Working Area (Laser Width/Depth)

ImagePaint places the toolpaths it generates on a Production artboard. The size of the Production artboard is user configurable via the "Laser" palette. This feature enables the support of any laser machine sizes. Note: These settings can be used to specify the size of other laser machines.

Automatic Material Management

Once the toolpaths have been generated, the user can instruct ImagePaint to automatically update an image to contain the cutouts. This feature gives users the ability to accurately avoid the cutout areas when a sheet of material is reused.

Summary of Benefits

Automatic Material Management
The task of creating a digital image library and adding new materials to the digital image library is fast, simple and efficient. The inventory of material images is stored and managed by automatically in well organized subfolders inside the main Material Inventory folder. The images of used physical sheet of material are automatically updated to reflect the used area.

Laser Settings

Fast Material Selection

The process of selecting appropriate materials for a design is quick and simple, since all materials can be viewed at the same time on the computer screen. This significantly reduces the labor cost involved in material selection.

Simple Toolpath Generation Interface

The user can generate toolpaths from the finished digital design quickly and effortlessly.

Easy-To-Use Painting Tools

One or more shapes in the design can be quickly painted with an image using the Image Palette or the Image Picker Tool.

Advanced Material Placement

Once shapes are painted with a chosen material, their positions on that material can be quickly positioned to accurately capture the material's visual attributes (colors, tones and textures) inside the shapes' boundary. This enables the creation of high quality image based artworks, where the natural shadows, highlights and textures of the material are accurately placed in each shape to add depth and natural shading to objects.

Design Verification Interface (left image)

Before committing the design to production, the Verification Interface detects and displays potential design errors that can be costly during the production stage.

Product Cost Estimation (left image)

Various statistics on the design such as Total Material Area, Total Number of Shapes and Total Linear Cut Length are automatically calculated and displayed at any point in the design stage. These statistics can be used in a custom equation to estimate material and labor cost of a product.

Mass Customization

The finished digital design can be exported as an image and sent to the customer for approval and price negotiation. This is critical for getting customer satisfaction even before the design is produced.

System Requirements

ImagePaint Production Pro supports Adobe Illustrator CS6 and the latest CC under Windows OS.


A finalist in the 2015 AWFS Visionary Award

ImagePaint Production Pro 4.3

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System Requirements:

Windows OS, Adobe Illustrator CS6 up to current CC

Free Quick Start Kit for Laser

The Quick Start Kit Folder contains instructions and four 8.5x11 inch wood veneer prints on thick glossy paper. You can use these wood veneer prints and a laser to design, cut and assemble a sample artwork called Tropical Fishes included in the software download.

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